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VMware KB 2147739 (ESXi 5.5 and 6.x hosts hang after running for 85 days.)

Hi, everyone.


VMware vSphere has also new released vmware kb 2147739 .

This is very Critical Issue.However , This is not a VMware issue.

+ ESXi host or virtual machine hangs after approximately 85 days


This issue is caused by a QLogic HBA Adapter Firmware problem introduced in Firmware v8.01.00 causing Read Diagnostic Parameters (RDP) between FC Switch and HBA adapter to fail.
By default, the RDP routine is initiated by the FC Switch and occurs once every hour. After 2048 (~85 days)

consecutive RDP failures the HBA Adapter will become stalled which causes the virtual machine and\or ESXi host to fail.


My Customer was all ESXi hosts is down and a few VMs is no responsed.
Be careful.